• Preventative treatment and cancer screening (PAP/ ThinPrep/ HPV)
  • Consultation hours for teenagers: Girls are very welcome to ask any questions referring to bodily changes due to puberty, contraception, HPV vaccinations etc. It is not necessary to be examined during the first visit, accompanying mothers or friends are very welcome.
  • consultations concerning the wish to have a baby
  • ultra scan examination
  • Advice and treatment for gynaecological diseases and infections
  • Consultation for problems during menopause
  • Consultation for problems due to incontinence

During this special time I would like to accompany you and give you a feeling of security so you experience your pregnancy as a normal event and enjoy it.

  • Preventative medical examinations for expectant mothers
  • Consultations for risk pregnancies
  • 3D/4D ultrasound examinations, Doppler ultrasound
  • CTG–examinations
  • confinement care


Bettina Gassen im OP-Outfit

I conduct an outpatient clinic regularly. I am offering curettage, hysteroscopy, Cervical Conization, Operations on Bartholin cysts (Marsupilisation) and aesthetic operations on the female genitals (labia reduction) in the outpatients clinic Unter den Eichen.

You can approach me in full confidence regarding operations on the hymen (maidenhead). I am available for a thorough and non binding consultation.

(Costs for these operations are usually not covered by the state health insurance.)


As part of the aesthetic surgery we perform labiaplasty. In addition we carry out G-Spot Injections. To learn more about these topics, please visit my Website.


I can inform you about all the modern methods of contraception one can find on the market.

Advice is given about “the pill”, contraceptive plaster, depot injection (three-month-injection), Persona and barrier methods

Implanting of Mirena (hormonal spiral), Gynefix (copper chain) und copper spiral

If you wish we can implant these devices under general anaesthetic.


he gynaecological examination und obstetrics are connected with parts of the body and organs that have an immediate impact on the private sphere of a woman, her identity, her sexuality as well as her relationship with her partner. This connection demands from the doctor a high degree of empathy and knowledge about the psychological and physical relations.

Psychosomatic medicine acknowledges body and mind as a whole and is looking carefully at the sensible complexity of body, soul and environment.

The cooperative conversation between doctor and patient leads to the medical diagnosis.

  • Vaccination advice before conception
  • HPV vaccinations
  • Vaccinations against influenza
  • Protective vaccinations and vaccinations for travelling

If you are considering an interruption of your pregnancy, you are obliged to seek advice in a state recognized Pregnancy advice bureau. Naturally you can bring your partner or another close person.

The statutory conditions are ruled by the “Law for pregnant women and family support”. Here it is formulated that this consultation has the objective to encourage women to continue the pregnancy. Yet you do not need to worry that you will have to justify your decision or will be forced to change your decision.

The consultation is an offer of help. The ultimate decision remains yours alone. A doctor’s certificate to interrupt the pregnancy is not necessary.

The consultation is completely confidential.

The consultation is free.

You will get a certificate after the consultation.

This will be given to you afterwards with your full name and date of the consultation.

On the fourth day after receiving the consultation certificate you can proceed with the interruption of the pregnancy.

We have contacts with colleagues who will carry out this procedure in a personal and trusting atmosphere.